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Klaus Loy wrote ...
>Hello All,
>i am surching for the "Microsoft TCP/IP Sockets Development Kit Version 1.0".
>I need it for some smal TCP/IP programms running with MS Lanmanager Clint
>unter MS-DOS.

As far as I know there is not such a thing. It seems that you are referring to LAN Mamager SDK - a 16bit library for developing LAN Manager (sort of NetBios and not TCP/IP aware) programs
This SDK was in the past available in MSDN Subscription 

Searching through www.drdos.net or www.drdos.org or www.drdos.com download area you'll find a small
TCP/IP library for DOS programs. You will need a copy of Microsoft or Borland 16 bit compiler as well.
DJGPP doesn't work with either of these libraries mentioned.

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