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At 07:28 09/04/2002 -0700, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>   Well I cannot understand where i am going wrong. Well i am trying to
>read some values from a file and store them in a 2D array of
>structure.The points are stored in file in this way:
>0 0 93.515722
>0 20 93.756786
>20 0 96.049438
>20 20 93.200324
>....and so on(192 rows of values in all).
>I need the points in 2d array coz i am using them to plot on screen .
>struct points
>     float x;
>     float y;
>     float z;
>} pts[16][12];
>the loop:
>  for(j=0;j<13;j++){
>   fscanf(data,"%d %d %f",&pts[i][j].x,&pts[i][j].y,&pts[i][j].z);
>  }

Your program halts because expect read 17*13 values . Try to change upper 
limits for i and j to 16 and 12, respectivally.



>I get this error when i run the program (compiled with BCC 3.1)
>  scanf: floating point formats not linked
>  abnormal program termination
>and it stops responding when compiled with DJGPP , i have to CTRL-BRK
>to get out of it.
>Please tell me whats going wrong(i hope it is not very foolish:), i
>desperately need some help.Thanx in advance

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