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Subject: Re: DOS + djgpp on today's PCs
Date: 9 Apr 2002 17:10:50 GMT
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JT Williams wrote:

> I have never tried to install and use DOS on any post-486
> PC.  Is it still possible these days to use plain DOS and
> djgpp (no Windoze) on today's PCs?  IOW, could I buy a
> notebook PC, eradicate the M$ infestation, install DOS 5 +
> djgpp and be happy?  Or is working through a Windoze DOS
> box the only option these days? 
> TIA/jtw

You could always do it, sure. But would you want to do it?
I guess DOS would be slower (no DMA), and power saving in DOS? 
But if it makes you happy, why not?


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