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Subject: Re: DPMI 16 Bits and 32 Bits on the same computer
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Martin Filteau <martin_filteau AT hotmail DOT com> wrote:
: I'm using a 16 Bit-DPMI program. Is there a way to convert it to 32 bit-DMPI

Yes, recompiling.

: or anythings else which will make the program useable with CWSDPMI? Or do


: you have any suggestion to simplify the way a work now : by asking a
: question in my autoexec.bat if I want to use DJGPP (yes = LH CWSDPMI) or the
: 16-bit program (Using DRDOS DPMI which accepts a 16-Bit program but is
: unstable).
: So when is want to switch for one program to the other, I need to restart my
: computer.

: The 16-Bit program is Borland Dbase IV.
: Other programs : Rhide, GCC and all the DJGPP stuff, Win 3.11 which doesn't
: seem to work with task manager

Can't you turn on and off DRDOS DPMI with DPMI ON/OFF?

If so then all you have to do to run DJGPP programs is turning it off
and then if you want to run Dbase you turn it on again.



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