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Subject: I need help
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Hi all:

I have a problem that I canīt understand.

When download and install gcc 2.95 + djdev203, old programs originally 
compiled and linked with gcc 2.82 + djdev201 hoggs memory.

In those programs, I use pointers to pointer of structures typedef''d 
previously, because I need sort and search for matches between differents 
structures with a common field.

With  gcc 2.82 + djdev201, read 118,000 structs needs about 4 MB RAM, and 
with gcc 2.95 + djdev203 the program exhaust the RAM (128 MB), or crashes 
at the sort function.

At this moment, I read the FAQ, search on the Mail Archives, and I canīt 
resolve this problem.

I use Win 98, 128 MB RAM,

Tanks in advance, and excuse me for my poor english

/*the typedef */
typedef struct {

	char 	del [3], afilia[12], folio[10], tipo[5];
	int   	year, f_emi, count, f_nac;
   	double 	sum_aseg;

} sumas;

void s_sum(char *s, sumas *t);
/*the function s_sum splits a line of text in fields, and fills the 
structure *t */

sumas **l_sumas, ds;

while(fgets(egreso, 199, fp)!=NULL){
	s_sum(egreso, &ds);
	      	l_sum=(sumas **)realloc(l_sum, n_sum*sizeof(sumas *));
    		l_sum[n_sum-1]=(sumas *)calloc(1, sizeof(sumas));
   		s_sum(egreso, l_sum[n_sum-1]);

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