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> > C:\> redir -e errors.txt gcc -c foo.c
> I have a question: does it hurt if we rename redir to something else (or
> copy it to something else)? Windows 2000 also has ... believe it or not
> (grrrr...) it's own redir app that serves an entirely differnet purpose..

You can rename it.  The cmd.exe shell also supports stderr redirection
built in so you can avoid using redir completely, ie:

c:\> gcc -c foo.c 2>errors.txt

Since this is the "standard" way to do this under cmd.exe, I prefer it
when possible (there are some things that redir does better, but 99%
of the time I use the cmd.exe functionality).

> Ps: Windows 2000 nuisance list (so far):
> own find.exe
> own sort.exe

These are on all DOS platforms; put DJGPP first in the path or rename them.
Not specific to Win2K.

> own redir.exe

Don't use it much :-)

> autoexec.nt

We should enhance the docs to make this more clear.  If you ever use the
LFN TSR you also need to edit this file.  Best to do it all at once...

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