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Thanks for the answer about redir.exe. I renamed it redir2.exe and it will
be my only copy.

> Since this is the "standard" way to do this under cmd.exe, I prefer it
> when possible (there are some things that redir does better, but 99%
> of the time I use the cmd.exe functionality).
> > Ps: Windows 2000 nuisance list (so far):
> > own find.exe
> > own sort.exe
> These are on all DOS platforms; put DJGPP first in the path or rename
> Not specific to Win2K.

I tried that... and it works in Windows95 because it is still built on DOS.
But Windows 2000 has an entirely different agenda. It doesn't really care
about what you wrote in your autoexec... the (%&*!) registry is in full
control now. It SEEMS cmd.exe always puts system32 first in the path,
whether you like or not. But I wasn't looking for a solution anyway (I
already had one there). I was just reminding people to be on the LOOKOUT for
this stuff themselves, because they will definitely have the same problems
as me. That's all.

> > own redir.exe
> Don't use it much :-)
> > autoexec.nt
...ditto my statement above.

Does anyone know how to capture the entire output of make.exe, by the way?
redir doesn't work for me, and std. redirection SURE doesn't????

Thanks for the info, though (I wasn't sure how important redir was in some
hidden DJGPP process somewhere maybe... I just was asking about it to be
sure before I went hacking away).


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