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Subject: compiling problem DJGPP
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I had a old djgpp distribution and worked well. About a month a downloaded 
a new distribution with GCC 3.03 and RHIDE 1.4.9 (I download RHIDE 
too) but the debuging system is failing. For example I add a breakpoint and 
the debug say "No code generated for this line" but it's false. When I can 
debug step to step the actual line isn't selected, several times the 
debuging system crash.
I think it's a RHIDE problem but I cann't fix it. Any suggestons?

SO. WIN 98
GCC 3.03
RHIDE Pavenis


Coordinador OCC
mailto:rduque AT venus DOT uanarino DOT edu DOT co
mailto:rduque AT usa DOT com
Bogotá, Colombia

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