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> > There are quite a few of them, so I would suggest to look for a
> > different solution.  (IIRC, the Windows' own redir program isn't used
> > on most systems.)
> Point noted. Change made. Thank you.

Uh-oh. There could be a small Win-2000 bug involving this. I haven't done
any research yet, but it appears that Windows reports a bogus error ("file
not found") when the win version of redir is renamed whenever a DJGPP
programs starts for the first time in a new CMD window. This error does not
occurr in new COMMAND windows.

It appears that CMD is looking for it's redir for some default process. The
error message is meaningless, but it messes up any script that depends on a
clean output (like checking a filesize inside a script that uses an "ls -l"

I knew M$ would go to every length to give me trouble for not strictly using
'Microsoft certified' software.


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