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From: Bernd Becker <munin AT munin DOT inka DOT de>
Newsgroups: comp.os.msdos.djgpp
Subject: GPP 3.04: unknown (to me) error in crash log
Date: Sat, 13 Apr 2002 19:20:34 +0200
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Here's the symified log:

C:\PROJECTS\GUI                                                   Sat
NetCmd­» symify -o test.sym test.exe
General Protection Fault at eip=000594a5
eax=8816e2e2 ebx=8816e2da ecx=8816e2da edx=00000000 esi=007a5310
ebp=001085c8 esp=001085bc program=C:\PROJECTS\GUI\TEST.EXE
cs: sel=00a7  base=10000000  limit=007bffff
ds: sel=00af  base=10000000  limit=007bffff
es: sel=00af  base=10000000  limit=007bffff
fs: sel=00bf  base=00000000  limit=0010ffff
gs: sel=00bf  base=00000000  limit=0010ffff
ss: sel=00af  base=10000000  limit=007bffff
App stack: [0010884c..0008884c]  Exceptn stack: [000887a4..00086864]
Call frame traceback EIPs:
  0x000594a5 _free+77
  0x0001d9ac _destroy_bitmap+140
  0x0006f8ce ___cxa_bad_typeid+1394
  0x00004344 __ZN14GUI_LIST_ENTRYD1Ev+36, line 17 of gui_list.cpp
__ZN15GUI_LINKED_LIST12remove_entryEP14GUI_LIST_ENTRY+275, line 95 of
  0x00004648 __ZN15GUI_LINKED_LIST18remove_child_entryEv+24, line 51
of gui_list.cpp
  0x00008fa8 __ZN10BACKGROUNDD2Ev+88, line 28 of backgrnd.cpp
  0x0006f94e ___cxa_bad_typeid+1522
  0x00004344 __ZN14GUI_LIST_ENTRYD1Ev+36, line 17 of gui_list.cpp
__ZN15GUI_LINKED_LIST12remove_entryEP14GUI_LIST_ENTRY+275, line 95 of
  0x00004625 __ZN15GUI_LINKED_LIST12remove_entryEi+37, line 47 of
  0x00003863 __ZN3GUI12remove_queueEv+211, line 228 of gui_admn.cpp
  0x00001603 __Z14quit_dialog_nov+19, line 45 of test.cpp
  0x0000a947 __ZN6BUTTON12_is_releasedEv+135, line 126 of button.cpp
  0x0000a1d9 __ZN10BACKGROUND6signalE3G_S+633, line 350 of
  0x0000417c __ZN3GUI16check_for_eventsEv+1708, line 332 of
  0x00001bdd __Z13init_test_guiPc+541, line 133 of test.cpp
  0x00001c75 _main+101, line 154 of test.cpp
  0x00058968 ___crt1_startup+176

I searched in the 'info' directory and with 'Google' on the web for
some information about the '___cxa_bad_typeid' error but neither was
successful. Does anybody here know what this error message means ??

I'm using: DJGPP 2.03, GCC/GPP 3.04, Binutils 2.11.2, CSDPMI release
5, and Allegro 4.0.1, if that is of importance.

Note (to myself): My program didn't crash when I was using GCC/GPP
2.95.X and Allegro 3.9.XX. Could this be a problem with the newer
versions of the compiler/libraries ?? Something to investigate.


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