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Becker on Sat, 13 Apr 2002 20:46:05 +0200)
Subject: Re: GPP 3.04: unknown (to me) error in crash log
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> From: Bernd Becker <munin AT munin DOT inka DOT de>
> Newsgroups: comp.os.msdos.djgpp
> Date: Sat, 13 Apr 2002 20:46:05 +0200
> It seems you haven't read the message completely as this wasn't my
> question. I was asking if anyone knows what the '___cxa_bad_typeid'
> means.

You said:

    I searched in the 'info' directory and with 'Google' on the web for
    some information about the '___cxa_bad_typeid' error but neither was
    successful. Does anybody here know what this error message means ??

I understood ``this error message'' as a reference to the crashe
message printed when the program segfaults.  What other message was
in your post?

> That if a crash occurs in 'free' I have to use something like YAMD is
> well known, even to me ;-)

Then I don't understand your question at all.  Your program crashed
because it somehow corrupted the malloc memory chain.  Given that, why
is it important to know what is '___cxa_bad_typeid'?

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