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Subject: Re: VESA & XP
Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2002 19:11:04 +1000
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>does Windows XP make the VESA incompatibility problems of 2000 any 
>better?? i heard somewhere that XP's support of DOS mode VESA is much 
>better than 2000's, is this true or was the person smoking somethin'???

Allegro works okay on my installation of XP with an Nvidia MX 2 32MB
video card with latest (leaking) drivers. I have not fully tested or
checked Allegro. If you are using XP or 2K then you must use the
latest 2.03 refreshed files or WIP 2.04 files. The 2.03 files need to
be dated December 2001 or later as 2.03 files before this were not 2K
or XP aware/compatible.

I didn't have DJGPP running for very long on 2K before XP was


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