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Subject: djgpp vs MS VC++ 6.0
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djgpp vs MS VC++ 6.0

    It is very important that I have to understand how C/C++ is organized
for the type of compiler.  Borland C/C++ provides functions in real mode DOS
16, but Djgpp provides functions in real mode DOS 32.  Both Borland and
Djgpp use their own STL.  MS VC 6.0 uses MFC for Windows programming.
    My point is that why should I learn DOS 32's functions to develop my
project in real mode MS-DOS instead of learning MS VC's MFC in Windows
    I am concerned that Djgpp is might not designed to write X-Windows
programming that it is independment outside of Windows.  Is it the reason
that Djgpp might be easier to develop software in real mode MS-DOS (32-Bit)
before it can be ported to Linux/Unix?
    Do you advise that I should use Djgpp rather than MS VC 6.0?  Is it
because it is very flexible and independment without Microsoft push all of
us to move to MS VC++ 6.0 and/or MS VC# 7.0.  I appreciate that you are
willing to provide the information that I need to know.  Please advise.

Yours Truly,

Bryan Parkoff
BParkoff AT satx DOT rr DOT com

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