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Subject: Re: djgpp vs MS VC++ 6.0
Date: 16 Apr 2002 15:44:34 GMT
Organization: Ericsson Erisoft AB, Sweden
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Bryan Parkoff (BParkoff AT satx DOT rr DOT com) wrote:
: djgpp vs MS VC++ 6.0

:     It is very important that I have to understand how C/C++ is organized
: for the type of compiler.  Borland C/C++ provides functions in real mode DOS
: 16, but Djgpp provides functions in real mode DOS 32.  Both Borland and

There is no real mode DOZE 32. There is DOZE (16-bit) and 32-bit
applications that run in protected mode which can call on DOZE
(16-bit) services with the help of a server. In DJGPP's case it's a
DPMI server.

: Djgpp use their own STL.  MS VC 6.0 uses MFC for Windows programming.

We do?

:     I am concerned that Djgpp is might not designed to write X-Windows
: programming that it is independment outside of Windows.  Is it the reason
: that Djgpp might be easier to develop software in real mode MS-DOS (32-Bit)
: before it can be ported to Linux/Unix?

Well, Microsnoft's software is certainly not designed to write
X-Windows programs.

If you use DJGPP it will be easier to port them to Linux compared to
if you use Visual C++++.

:     Do you advise that I should use Djgpp rather than MS VC 6.0?  Is it
: because it is very flexible and independment without Microsoft push all of
: us to move to MS VC++ 6.0 and/or MS VC# 7.0.  I appreciate that you are
: willing to provide the information that I need to know.  Please advise.

Well, in this forum you'd probably be advised to stick with DJGPP...



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