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> Allegro works okay on my installation of XP with an Nvidia MX 2 32MB
> video card with latest (leaking) drivers. I have not fully tested or
> checked Allegro. If you are using XP or 2K then you must use the
> latest 2.03 refreshed files or WIP 2.04 files. The 2.03 files need to
> be dated December 2001 or later as 2.03 files before this were not 2K
> or XP aware/compatible.
> I didn't have DJGPP running for very long on 2K before XP was
> released.

i don't necessarily care about Allegro since you can make it use DirectX 
when run under windows (i think).  i am actually worried about some VESA 
2.0 code that I have written myself that I want to know whether or not 
it will work b4 i upgrade to either 2K or XP.

> Andrew

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