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Subject: Re: NTVDM error running nroff with djgpp bash in WinXP
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2002 18:39:28 +1000
Organization: ihug ( New Zealand )
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>I am a new convert to djgpp, and I am using it with both Win98 and
>WinXP systems.  Mostly djgpp works very well, but I have noticed a
>problem running nroff with bash in WinXP.  The nroff program executes
>correctly, but then an error message "NTVDM.EXE has encountered a
>problem ..." is displayed and bash quits.  However executing nroff
>with the WinXP command prompt works OK, and execution with both the
>DOS prompt and bash works well with Win98.
>    I am using the most recent djgpp binaries (current to today based
>on 2.03 djgpp), and the gpp compiler works to give correct executables
>with the c++ code that I have used to test the system.  I do not
>consider this problem to be critical, because I can always run my
>programs and nroff with the command prompt.  But I would like to learn
>why this problem exists with WinXP bash?
The problem is that MS low level API is not compatible between WIN
9x/DOS and WIN 2000/XP.

Check the executable dates of the files in the bin directory that you
need to use and in general if they are dated in Dec-2001 or later then
they should be okay on XP. If you need a specific package then you
may have to rebuild it from the sources which are available from where
you got the binary files from.


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