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Subject: Re: does DJGPP work on windows XP?
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2002 18:46:40 +1000
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>I have been having trouble setting DJGPP on windows XP, I don't know 
>if I am doing something wrong, or, if it just doesn't work on XP... If 
>anyone knows what it might be... please tell me! Thank you!

You will need to ensure that you are using DJGPP 2.03 from December
2001 or later.  Check the dates of the exe files in the bin directory
and if they are before Dec-2001 then you need to check if there are
updates and if there are no updates and you defninitly need the
package then you may have to re-build the exe files from the sources.

If you are using Rhide then download the 1.5.0 snapshot from the
snaphot page at www.rhide.com Your milage with Rhide may vary under
XP, but overall it is allot better than the 1.4.x versions.

Another option is to use the WIP (bleeding edge) 2.04 files that are
available from http://clio.rice.edu/djgpp/win2k/main.htm links.


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