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We'll han's i don't get it, iv'e been working for over an hour and have
wrote several program's and havent seen a hint of an error, mabey it WAS
just syntax.

>*What* errors did you get?  It's extremely important to show
>them. Otherwise, it's almost certain nobodoy will be able to help you.
>Rule-of-thumb #1 in problem reporting: Describe in as much detail as
>possible what actually *happens*, instead of listing up what didn't.

I'll remember that next time.

>Did you compare the three source files you typed in for equality?  You
>should do that.  If compiling the *same* source file repeatedly
>sometimes fails and sometimes doesn't, that's an almost sure sign of
>hardware instability on your box --- usually bad RAM chips.

We'll i didn't see a need to compare the files as they were a mere 31 lines
of code
but that will definatly be something i'll try next time mabey
And my ram is tested and good.

We'll i guess i'll just have to work on until i encounter this again, then
with your guildline's about "posting" to the group in mind, mabey we can
solve this next time.
"I don't have to KNOW people that inspire me, i just have to KNOW that
people that inspire me exsist" Caroline barcher

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