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Subject: Re: Dos in Xp stinks
Date: 18 Apr 2002 13:04:15 GMT
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Adam (Adam2343 AT yahoo DOT com) wrote:
: Every time I run a dos program, I get and error message that says

: An extended memory manager is already installed.
:     XMS drive not installed.

: After that it brings up a error box and asks me if i want to ignore or
: close. Have of the time if i ignore it will crash.  And when it works,
: my dos programs (mostly games) want to communicate to the com prot or
: some peice of hard ware, they cant.

: Can any one help me out?

Yes. Install FreeDOS (www.freedos.org). And if you have to keep XP
double boot (not sure about the right name for it).



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