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Date: Sun, 21 Apr 2002 13:15:18 +0100
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Subject: Re[2]: AC_PROG_CXX does not work correctly after AC_PROG_CC
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TVH> Now as a side-effect, the first compiler check (PROG_CC or PROG_CXX)
TVH> will also try to determine the executable extension using that compiler.
TVH> It is that test that bombs out if you only use PROG_CXX (or use it
TVH> first)
TVH> on a system without a C++ compiler.
TVH> The other effects are as documented: it defaults to g++ if nothing is
TVH> found.

OK, so this is not a bug, but IMHO a misfeature - isn't the whole point
of using AC_PROG_CXX to get a _working_ compiler?  Is there any
explanation for current behaviour?


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