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Subject: Re: the reciprocal of MK_FP
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Jacky Luk <luckie AT netvigator DOT com> wrote:
: "Jacky Luk" <luckie AT netvigator DOT com> 
:> I found out inside the FAQ that the Macro MK_FP in djgpp can accomplish a
:> pointer conversion. But what about the reciprocal of that?

: I actually meant FP_SEG and FP_OFF.

You are in protected mode, so these questions don't make much sense.

:> ^
:> |_____________ did i spell it right?

Yes, I think so. But English isn't my first language.

:> #include <sys/nearptr.h>
:> #include <crt0.h>
:>  void * MK_FP (unsigned short seg, unsigned short ofs)
:>        {
:>          if ( !(_crt0_startup_flags & _CRT0_FLAG_NEARPTR) )
:>            if (!__djgpp_nearptr_enable ())

I strongly suggest you use another method than
__djgpp_nearptr_enable() as if you use it you just threw away all the
protection DJGPP offers you.

Read the sections in the FAQ about interfacing with DOZE (I can't give
you the section number as I haven't got my WINDOZE box up) and ask if
there's something there that needs clarification.



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