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From: "Jacky Luk" <luckie AT netvigator DOT com>
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Subject: Re: Loading boot sector to memory
Date: Sun, 21 Apr 2002 23:40:16 +0800
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boot sector of hard disk C:

"Jacky Luk" <luckie AT netvigator DOT com> 撰寫於郵件新聞
:a9umfc$rgq3 AT imsp212 DOT netvigator DOT com...
>  AH = 02h
>  AL = number of sectors to read (must be nonzero)
>  CH = low eight bits of cylinder number
>  CL = sector number 1-63 (bits 0-5)
>       high two bits of cylinder (bits 6-7, hard disk only)
>  DH = head number
>  DL = drive number (bit 7 set for hard disk)
>  ES:BX -> data buffer
> Return: CF set on error
>      if AH = 11h (corrected ECC error), AL = burst length
>  CF clear if successful
>  AH = status (see #00234)
>  AL = number of sectors transferred (only valid if CF set for some
>        BIOSes)
> Notes: errors on a floppy may be due to the motor failing to spin up
>    enough; the read should be retried at least three times, resetting
>    the disk with AH=00h between attempts
>  most BIOSes support "multitrack" reads, where the value in AL
>    exceeds the number of sectors remaining on the track, in which
>    case any additional sectors are read beginning at sector 1 on
>    the following head in the same cylinder; the MSDOS CONFIG.SYS command
>    MULTITRACK (or the Novell DOS DEBLOCK=) can be used to force DOS to
>    split disk accesses which would wrap across a track boundary into two
>    separate calls
>  the IBM AT BIOS and many other BIOSes use only the low four bits of
>    DH (head number) since the WD-1003 controller which is the standard
>    AT controller (and the controller that IDE emulates) only supports
>    16 heads
>  AWARD AT BIOS and AMI 386sx BIOS have been extended to handle more
>    than 1024 cylinders by placing bits 10 and 11 of the cylinder number
>    into bits 6 and 7 of DH
>  under Windows95, a volume must be locked (see INT 21/AX=440Dh/CX=084Bh)
>    in order to perform direct accesses such as INT 13h reads and writes
>  all versions of MS-DOS (including v7 [Win95]) have a bug which prevents
>    booting on hard disks with 256 heads, so many modern BIOSes provide
>    mappings with at most 255 heads
> SeeAlso: AH=03h,AH=0Ah,AH=06h"V10DISK.SYS",AH=21h"PS/1",AH=42h"IBM"
> SeeAlso: INT 21/AX=440Dh/CX=084Bh,INT 4D/AH=02h
> According to the above, how do you setup the registers for loading boot
> sector to memory (GAS or GCC)?
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