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From: Hans-Bernhard Broeker <broeker AT physik DOT rwth-aachen DOT de>
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Subject: Re: Loading boot sector to memory
Date: 21 Apr 2002 17:11:05 GMT
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Jacky Luk <luckie AT netvigator DOT com> wrote:

> According to the above, how do you setup the registers for loading boot
> sector to memory (GAS or GCC)?

In DJGPP, you shouldn't usually do that at all, but rather call the
biosdisk() or _bios_disk() function which does it for you.

Or, if you really want to do it yourself, consult how _bios_disk()
itself is implemented (look into the DJGPP libc sources).
Hans-Bernhard Broeker (broeker AT physik DOT rwth-aachen DOT de)
Even if all the snow were burnt, ashes would remain.

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