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Subject: Re: Strange behavior of ld
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On Mon, 22 Apr 2002, Neo_1061 wrote:

> I could ask around for someone to recommend a reliable, inexpensive ISP,
> if I didn't know that there's no such beast in the zoo.

Try http://news.cis.dfn.de.  It's free and very good.

> My environment has a couple of temp variables, all pointing at
> C:\Windows\temp.

How much free space do you have on the C: drive?

> I'm not sure why the linker would even use temp files
> though

Because IIRC the linker produces a temporary file before overwriting an 
existing file, in case it fails.

In any case, many programs use temporary files for whatever purposes, so 
keeping a reasonably large free space on your C: drive, or redirecting 
TMPDIR to another drive, is something to consider for reliable operation.

> -- memory can be addressed and manipulated with pointers much
> more conveniently, and with a modern OS disk space can be converted
> into such via swap space. Interprocess communication, or working with
> data structures bigger than 4gb such as large databases, are the only
> things that come to mind that this is no good for. And consuming 28
> megs of temp files to link a few object files into an executable
> smaller than a megabyte seems to suggest an inefficient implementation
> indeed...

I thought you were looking for an explanation of the problem, so I 
suggested a possible explanation that didn't involve the space on drive 
D:.  If the explanation I suggested explains the problem, I'm satisfied.  
If you have ideas on how to improve the linker, I'm sure the Binutils 
maintainers will be happy to hear them.

> DJGPP itself is on the C: partition, and C:\DJGPP\TMP exists, but has
> only a "remove.me" file in it at this time.

This is a normal situation for the temporary directory: temporary files 
are removed when the program finishes.

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