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Subject: Re: djgpp, nasm and floats
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R. Grela <rgrela AT ciudad DOT com DOT ar> wrote:
: I'm trying to do some calculations in assembly and return the results to 
: djgpp application..
: I've no trouble returning integers (32 bits) in eax, but with floating I 
: get -NaN (not a number)

: global _atest

: section .data
:     p dd 0.2

: section .text
: _atest:
:      mov eax, [p]
:      ret

: and receiving as float (I've tryed with double too)
: extern "C" float atest();
: void main() { float f = atest();  cout << f << endl; }

: and I get -NaN

: Any idea?

Yes. Floating point values are not returned in EAX I guess.



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