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Subject: How To Install Libkb100b.zip?
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How To Install Libkb100b.zip?

    Libkb100b.zip comes with V2TK subdirectory of DJGPP.  I did extract
Libkb100b.zip into /DJGPP/Contrib/Libkb100 subdirectory.  I am supposed to
type 'make' command.  Make executes fine after only one top line says: Bad
command or not found.  I believe that it meant to be uname command that is
not available in MS-DOS.  Libkb.a was generated.  I copied kb.h, kblock.h
into /djgpp/include and libkb.a into /djgpp/lib.
    I compile my projects with no problem.  I tried to link, but the error
message says: "undefined reference to '...........'"  '...........' are the
libkb functions such as kb_install, kb_getkey, kb_update, etc.
    I believe that I did install libkb100 in the wrong way.  Please help me
to correct the installation of libkb100.  Please advise.

Yours Truly,

Bryan Parkoff
BParkoff AT satx DOT rr DOT com

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