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Subject: Re: version control packages for dos
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Eli Zaretskii <eliz AT is DOT elta DOT co DOT il> wrote in message news:<Pine DOT SUN DOT 3 DOT 91 DOT 1020424095307 DOT 4915J-100000 AT is>...
> I don't understand the problem; could you give more details, like show 
> what files do you have, what commands did you give, and what error 
> messages did you see?
Consider this sample of invocation :
  ci ..\RCS\foo.c foo.c
  ci: ..\rcs\RCS/foo.c : no such file or directory
  ci: RCS\foo.c : no such file or directory

assuming that ..\RCS\foo.c is the target RCS file, and foo.c in the
current directory is to be checked in.

The invocation will fail because (I assume) ci couldn't find
..\RCS\foo.c to be checked in (the foo.c in RCS directory is assumed
to be the file to be checked in, not the RCS file).

Another invocation :
  ci -xrcs ..\RCS\foo.rcs foo.c
  ..\RCS\foo.rcs <-- foo.
  ci: foo. : no such file or directory
  ci: foo.crcs: 1: missing 'head' keyword
  ci aborted

The invocation will fail because ci couldn't find foo. (foo w/o any
extensions) anywhere to be checked in (in this case, foo.rcs in the
RCS directory is correctly assumed by ci as the target RCS file).

co also have a bit of nuisance. Assuming all files have already
checked in in RCS\ directory (checked in to RCS\ directory which are
found in the current directory) and there are no working files in the
current directory, then this invocations will fail :
  co -l *.c
  co: RCS\*.c: no such file or directory

  co -l RCS\*.c
  co: rcs\RCS/foo.c: no such file or directory

What I have to do is this, assuming the working files are to be placed
in the current directory :
  cd RCS
  for %a in (*.c) do co -l ..\%a
> It's also possible you are using an old/buggy port of RCS; please try the 
> latest port from the above URL.
What I got is RCS 5.7 DOS port downloaded from :

I'll try to d/l from simtel.


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