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Subject: Libamp Playback problems
Date: 24 Apr 2002 14:10:19 -0700
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Hi! I`m having problems with Libamp V0.3.

Everything compiles fine, including the demo application. The trouble
is that I get nothing but white noise during playback - mo matter what
MP3 file I use.

I have tried changing the Allegro.CFG to exactly reflect my system but
I get no difference - which leads me to suspect it may be something in
the decoding?

I have Allegro version 4.0.1 installed.

I have the following files installed as my DJGPP environment:

ZIPO016B ZIP       625,010  03-16-02  7:12p zipo016b.zip
DJDEV203 ZIP     1,529,901  01-06-02 12:38a djdev203.zip
FAQ230B  ZIP       679,865  02-03-00 12:00a faq230b.zip
RHID149B ZIP     2,473,324  12-24-01  4:55p rhid149b.zip
BNU2112B ZIP     2,706,124  01-06-02 12:36a bnu2112b.zip
GCC304B  ZIP     4,103,071  04-12-02  2:15p gcc304b.zip
MAK3791B ZIP       272,798  01-06-02 12:41a mak3791b.zip
TXI40B   ZIP       646,656  01-16-00 12:00a txi40b.zip
GPP304B  ZIP     2,511,631  04-11-02  4:26a gpp304b.zip
OBJC304B ZIP     2,398,503  04-12-02  2:07p objc304b.zip
G77304B  ZIP     3,074,873  04-12-02  2:07p g77304b.zip
BNU2112T ZIP     2,437,277  07-01-01 12:00a bnu2112t.zip

Any help would be gratefully appreciated!

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