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Subject: Re: LFN on pure DOS
Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2002 17:31:27 +0200
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I used two such TSR in my MP3 player project. The first is the one you
mentioned and the second is by an german author and is called DOSLFN :)
The first one is extremely slow and misshandles special characters. The
second is much faster and I don't see any characterproblems until now. It
has also CDROM support but I never tested it.

You can download both tools from my website
Click on the MP3 player and then to the download section. Sorry, the site is
only available in German for now.

> Hi,
> Anybody knows any tools/apps/drivers/tsr's which can allow the use of
> LFN in pure DOS and DJGPP tools compatible? Currently need it to use
> CVS under pure DOS. The one I found is on
> http://saturn.spaceports.com/~dosuser/lfndos.zip, but the link is
> broken.

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