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On Thu, 25 Apr 2002 19:24:20 GMT, Danno <too_much_spam AT hotmail DOT com>

>Hi, sorry if this has been asked/answered, but I'm not having any luck 
>through google...
>  I have to use Windows, DJGPP with RHIDE & gcc for a C/C++ course I've 
>started. My system is running WinXP, and I cannot make this combination 
>happen. I've downloaded all the files I need using the ZIP-picker, created 
>a directory
>  and unzipped everything (using WinXP's zip decompressor) inside that 
>directory, maintaining their directory structure inside. I've appended the 
>environment variable so that PATH also includes
>  and that a new variable DJGPP is in
>  When I open the console, I can invoke
>  from the prompt, which tells me about available RAM but provides no swap 
>space. If I want to use RHIDE I have to call it using the absolute path
>  which returns an error (Bad command or file name) when I try to compile. 
>When I try to make a call to gcc, it also has to be started using the 
>absolute path
>C:\DJGPP\gcc304b\bin\gcc.exe testpg.cpp
>  which returns this error
>gcc.exe: installation problem, cannot exec 'cc1plus': No such file or 
>directory (ENOENT)
>  but I have C:\DJGPP\gpp304b\ and all its contents in place.
>  I've tried to include an all-inclusive C:\DJGPP in the system's PATH, but 
>that hasn't helped. Can someone clue me in here? Any help would be 

Based on what you've mentioned, I suspect you may have unzipped
everything into the wrong directories.   Each of the zip files have
their own directory structure, and have a common root.

that is, when unzip djdev203.zip, unzip it into C:\DJGPP, likewise
with ALL of the files.   Do not unzip them into different root
directories like you've been doing, as each of these packages shares a
common directory structure.   

Also, I generally consider the use of fake emails to be rather rude.
If you can't take responsibility for what you post, DON'T POST!!!



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