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Subject: Re: DJGPP & WinXP?
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Martin Str|mberg wrote:

> Sigh. Why haven't you read README.1ST? Just follow the directions
> there (and in particular don't use broken unzippers).

  RE:"broken unzippers".
    The WinXP unzipper included with the distribution apparently does the 
job correct, unfortunately, it's default setting is to prefix its 
extractions with a directory based onthe zipfile's name (so, aaa.zip gets 
extracted into */aaa/contents/of/zipfile/*). Although I am still complying 
with the Readme.1st instructions (installed twice, using them, BTW) by 
maintaining a common root structure and unzipping maintaining directory 
structure, I was unaware of this prefixxing aspect of WinXP's unzip 
software, and thought the each subdirectory which XP created was an actual 
part of the directory structure. I think it is a reasonable mistake 
attributable to inexperience with the OS, don't you? MCheu was quick to 
identify this, must be using the software.

> : --
> : Slackware8.0, 2.4.18, 733MHz VIA C3
> Didn't you say you were using WINDOZE?
> Right,
> MartinS

  Martin, I am going to repost the relevant part of my first post.
<start quote>
   I have to use Windows, DJGPP with RHIDE & gcc for a C/C++ course I've 
started. My system is running WinXP, and I cannot make this combination 
<end quote>

   I have more than one computer.
  You see, Slackware, much like NetBSD, comes with gcc already compiled & 
linked and ready to run, out of the box. If I have my druthers, I will be 
using it. Unfortunately, it looks as though I am stuck complying with 
Windows, because that is the OS that my institution has chosen to base the 
course in. If the learning is going to be completely console based, using 
non-Win libraries, then I will probably be OK with my primary (this) 
system. Until then, I have to work *this* problem under their rules; I 
prefer to use Linux for as much as possible, hence I post to newsgroups 
using KNode (hey, who knows, maybe I'll even move over to *BSD some day). 
Thanks for the kinda-suggestion, good luck.
Slackware8.0, 2.4.18, 733MHz VIA C3

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