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MCheu wrote:
>>Can someone clue me in here? Any help would be
> Based on what you've mentioned, I suspect you may have unzipped
> everything into the wrong directories.   Each of the zip files have
> their own directory structure, and have a common root.
> that is, when unzip djdev203.zip, unzip it into C:\DJGPP, likewise
> with ALL of the files.   Do not unzip them into different root
> directories like you've been doing, as each of these packages shares a
> common directory structure.

  Thank you very much MCheu, that was exactly the problem. When I read the 
documentation (Readme.1st), it said to maintain directory structure. 
WinXP's unzipper prefixes a directory to the extracted files (so aaa.zip 
gets extracted into */aaa/extracted/files/*). I was unaware that the 
default WinXP unzip utility did this, so I had thought I *was* maintaining 
directory structure, and that all those subdirectories it created were 
supposed to be there. Thanks for the suggestion.

> Also, I generally consider the use of fake emails to be rather rude.
> If you can't take responsibility for what you post, DON'T POST!!!
> -----------
> Thanks
> MCheu

  I was using a real email address for a while - now I get between 30 and 
45 spams a day. I consider email harvesters abusive use of the usenet, and 
not the intended use of my posts. I have resorted to making it more 
difficult for a harvester to work properly byfeeding it an apparent email 
address. It is not meant as gesture of rudeness, and I'll tell you what - I 
go one step further than taking responsibilty for my posts by adding an 
email address : I post responsibly. I try and make reasonable posts, just 
as a speaker in a "town hall" would.
  Consider this : by not taking a question straight into email, it has to 
be carried on for all to see. I cannot post irresponsibly because of this - 
if it is debate, I have to prove myself in front of everyone. If it is 
instruction, I have to know what I am talking about, or I face the 
consequences of other readers who may know better. Additionally, public 
posting means a greater liklihood of someone else, who is stuck on the same 
problem as you've solved for me, but is perhaps instimidated by the 
process, to acquire information that is holding them back. To top it off, 
frankly, it is getting *very* hard to hide. I don't use a remailer, so if 
you really, really just had to know who I was, my ISP tacks a traceroute on 
to my posts, which yields my IP, and its' all routine from there.
  Warmest intentions, greatly appreciative of the help,

Slackware8.0, 2.4.18, 733MHz VIA C3

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