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Subject: Re: Link Problem
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Jacky Luk <luckie AT netvigator DOT com> wrote:
: I have written a small NASM programs to test the assembler's capability as
: follows:
: section .text
: start..;
:    mov ah,4ch
:    int 21h
: but how come it does not link in?

: I have assembled it with nasm -f coff -o 1.o 1.asm
: The Error Message is

: D:\DOWNLOAD\NASM>ld -o 1.exe 1.o
: e:/djgpp/bin/ld.exe: warning: cannot find entry symbol start; defaulting to
: 0000
: 18a8

1. It's a warning. So I think it did link.

2. I'm not an nasm expert, but are you sure that "start.." is a global symbol?

3. int <number> won't probably do what you think if you're using
DJGPP's ld without some lowlevel switches (like -Ttext=0x0). You're in
protected mode.



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