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Subject: Re: LFN on pure DOS
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Bill Currie <bill AT taniwha DOT org> wrote:
: there's http://taniwha.org/lfn.zip
: I think you'll also need http://taniwha.org/djasm.zip to build it (I extended
: djasm and I'm not sure which parts have been merged). I'm pretty sure I had it
: reading /and/ writing, though I'm not sure about its fat32 support (reading is
: ok, but I never got to test the writing). A few things to watch out for: the
: short name is a (probably `poor') 48 bit crc of the long name; it's case
: sensitive; the short name is inaccessable if there is a long name; the short
: name is always uppercase; (most importantly) it MIGHT EAT YOUR DATA :)

Bad news: it seems to be totally broken used in conjuction with DJGPP
programs. I booted a floppy with MSDOZE and ran LFN.EXE. "ls -altr"
reports some ENOENTs and only show three files of many (~25).

Good news: it almost compiles with CVS version of djasm. You only have
to change two lines in lfn_file.inc, "shrdd" -> "dshr".



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