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Subject: Re: Inline Assembly with DJGPP
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Graham Warren <Moosehead AT tesco DOT net> wrote:
: I have been attempting to use some inline assembly language in a plain C
: program. The following code (taken straight from 'Brennan's Guide to Inline
: Assembly'), will not compile as part of a program.

: asm ("cld\n\t"
:      "rep\n\t"
:      "stosl"
:      : /* no output registers */
:      : "c" (count), "a" (fill_value), "D" (dest)
:      : "%ecx", "%edi" );

: I get the following error messages:
: "Error: Invalid asm statement"
: "Error: fixed or forbidden register 2 (cx) was spilled for class CREG"

: Can anyone explain what is wrong with my syntax or give me a hint to what
: the problem is here?

Try "...
  : "c" (count), "D" (dest)
  : "0", "a" (fill_value), "1"
  : /* No clobbers. */ );

Very much untested!



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