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Subject: Questions on Rhide
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Hallo all.

So I have had some small problems with Rhide that are gradually becoming
larger problems:

1. Rhide's file-suffix recogition (for '.c', '.cpp', etc) is case sensitive,
especially under windows. I am restraining myself not to say something
really regrettable about this "feature". I read what the "reasons" for it
Has anyone found a solution besides having to write a whole 'front-end
script for the front-end' to convert all arguments to lower case? Using the
'-c' option does not make any difference.

2. Uhhh... how do I *delete* a mistyped include directory inside the

3. I am looking for the rhide.env setting that turns OFF the "feature" that
opens all the windows again that were left open when the last session ended.
This wastes time for me. I want it so that when I type "rhide test.c", Rhide
opens ONLY with test.c, and not along with all the junk from ten sessions
ago. A *comprehensive* info reference would be most welcome.

Thanks in advance

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