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Rafal 'Raf256' Maj <admin AT raf256 DOT com> wrote:

: Hi,
: I have soem questions about using DJGPP under win32 :

: a) wher can I read sted-by-step instrucions how to instal DJGPP on win2000 
: (on 98se ther is no problem) - how to add environmental variables, and long 
: file names

: b) same about DJGPP + WinXP

Perhaps the .ZIP-picker at www.delorie.com shows what you need to do?

: c) with _free_ compiler allows me to compile without [almost] any 
: moddifications my DJGPP applications to have win32 console application. or 
: is this impossible ?

RSXNTDJ, Cygwin or Mingw32.



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