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> Solution to what problem?  If you type the file's name as `foo.c', it
> will be compiled as a C program even if on disk it's called `foo.C' or
> `FOO.C'.

Uhhhhh... I guess that's OK if you want to sit and type all day. But in the
twenty-first century we have 'drag-and-drop' and 'registered filetypes' that
open through a GUI. No chance to stop the registry and tell it first to
change my file-extension to lowercase because I have a certain application
with a certian bug about upper-case file-extensions, which not even Notepad
has :-(

I admit it is not a BIG problem to getting the files compiled. It's just one
of the sort of obvious things that normal people think should have been
thought of years ago when they first coined the phrase 'user-friendly'. I
know everyone thinks it's cool and GNU and linuxy and whatever. But it's
just a pain to me and one of those little things where I just have to say
"c'mon guys".

My turbo C IDE from seven years ago didn't even have this problem. It's just
not well-thought-out. I have to work around it. It's a bug.


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