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Subject: Re: DJGPP + Win...
Date: Sun, 28 Apr 2002 20:00:40 CDT
Organization: Rice University, Houston TX
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> : a) wher can I read sted-by-step instrucions how to instal DJGPP on win2000 
> : (on 98se ther is no problem) - how to add environmental variables, and long 
> : file names
> : b) same about DJGPP + WinXP

> Perhaps the .ZIP-picker at www.delorie.com shows what you need to do?

The Zip picker gives incorrect directions for Windows 2000 and XP.  They
need the same directions, but are different from any of the groups 
available (Windows 2000 is different from NT, Windows XP is different
from ME, but Windows 2000 and Windows XP use similar directions).  This
is reflected in the readme.1st but hasn't made it onto the ZIP picker yet.

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