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> : >: c) with _free_ compiler allows me to compile without [almost] any
> : >: moddifications my DJGPP applications to have win32 console
> : >: application. or is this impossible ?
> : > RSXNTDJ, Cygwin or Mingw32.
> : but with is better and why ?
> Well, that's up to you to decide. Each one of them has their good and
> bad features.

Personal experience:
Cygwin: very limited for the additional hassle of being limited to a Win32
environment and having to tote the cygwin dll's everywhere you want to run
your app, not to mention having a whole second DJGPP installation.
Applications compiled with DJGPP/Cygwin DO NOT run under DOS. What is the
purpose of using DJGPP, then?
RSXNTDJ can compile some Windows things, but it's buggy. I can tell right
away that it is contributed software that a genereous soul wrote in
Better of using native M$ Visual C for professional industrial-strength
Windoze development, sorry.

Normally, DJGPP apps all run in DOS windows under NT and Win95. Why do you
need to write a 'console application'? To me it seems that you are just
limiting yourself. But your the boss ;-)


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