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> To sum it up: DJGPP and Cygwin serve similar purposes, but on strictly
> different target platforms.

But I don't 'sum it up' that way. So I think that we simply cannot agree on
this point. Can we agree to disagree :-)

BTW: I have been compiling *all* of my "terminal" applications with DJGPP
for DOS, and I *am* using a Windows2000 machine. The cool part is, I just
write my app to a floppy and hand it to my friend who runs it right off the
diskette on his DOS laptop. I can send it, in fact, to just about anyone and
I *never* hear 'that program don't run for me'. Neat, huh? That's why I use

> And of course, you plain and simply can't create a graphical Windows
> app with DJGPP (RSXNTDJ doesn't count --- it's a separate project),
> which is about as severe a limitation as one could possibly imagine,
> for most people.

??? mgui, turbovision, microwin, nano-x, etc. ???

My opinion is that this discussion between us is becoming more a comparison
of individual viewpoints.

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