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Subject: Re: Questions on Rhide
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deckerben wrote:

> So I have had some small problems with Rhide that are gradually becoming
> larger problems:
> 1. Rhide's file-suffix recogition (for '.c', '.cpp', etc) is case sensitive,
> especially under windows. I am restraining myself not to say something
> really regrettable about this "feature". I read what the "reasons" for it
> were.
> Has anyone found a solution besides having to write a whole 'front-end
> script for the front-end' to convert all arguments to lower case? Using the
> '-c' option does not make any difference.

You must understand that GNU tools are designed for POSIX compliant operating
systems where FOO is different than foo.
IMHO the missfeature is in Win32, anyways, you can make RHIDE compile .C
programs as plain C instead of C++ and also understand CC and CPP as you like.
Just read the docs and take a look at the definitions generated by RHIDE -E
As an example:
can be defined as: RHIDE_COMPILE.C.o=$(RHIDE_COMPILE.c.o)
and you can add: RHIDE_COMPILE.CPP.o=$(RHIDE_COMPILE.c.o)

> 2. Uhhh... how do I *delete* a mistyped include directory inside the

Ah? sorry, but I fail to see any difference between this input box and any
other used in Windows, what's the problem? can't you just use arrows and

> 3. I am looking for the rhide.env setting that turns OFF the "feature" that
> opens all the windows again that were left open when the last session ended.
> This wastes time for me. I want it so that when I type "rhide test.c", Rhide
> opens ONLY with test.c, and not along with all the junk from ten sessions
> ago. A *comprehensive* info reference would be most welcome.

Don't know if any option is there. But I think you should use projects and
assign the gpr extension to RHIDE.


Salvador Eduardo Tropea (SET). (Electronics Engineer)
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Alternative e-mail: set AT computer DOT org set AT ieee DOT org
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