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Ooops I did get an answer... :-)

> > 2. Uhhh... how do I *delete* a mistyped include directory inside the
> Ah? sorry, but I fail to see any difference between this input box and any
> other used in Windows, what's the problem? can't you just use arrows and
> backspace/delete?

Have you tried it (or maybe you don't mistype directory names :-)? When I
click on the arrow at the end of the entry field, a list appears. Now I
_must_ double click on one of the directoies listed to do anything with it.
(I tried single-click-delete ... inneffectual). So once I have double
clicked on the mistyped dir name from the pop-list, it stands in the input
field. I delete it and press enter. The next time I open the same dialogue
box and open the pop-up window, it is still in the list. I have tried a
number of combination of 'backspace-delete-singleclick-doubleclick-enter'
combinations, but I can't get it out.

> > 3. I am looking for the rhide.env setting that turns OFF the "feature"
> > opens all the windows again that were left open when the last session
> > This wastes time for me. I want it so that when I type "rhide test.c",
> > opens ONLY with test.c, and not along with all the junk from ten
> > ago. A *comprehensive* info reference would be most welcome.
> Don't know if any option is there. But I think you should use projects and
> assign the gpr extension to RHIDE.

OK. Thanks.


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