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On Sat, Apr 27, 2002 at 08:15:46AM +0000, Martin Str|mberg wrote:
> Bad news: it seems to be totally broken used in conjuction with DJGPP
> programs. I booted a floppy with MSDOZE and ran LFN.EXE. "ls -altr"
> reports some ENOENTs and only show three files of many (~25).

iirc, there's an enviroment variable you can set to make djgpp not downcase
short filenames (I'm pretty sure I had to use that). My lfn driver asumes
foo.exe is a long-name because it is both case preserving /and/ case
sensitive. There are some variables you can tweak in lfn.asm to control
behaviour, though:

        .db     1           ; default to matching long file name only (unlike w95)
		.db     1           ; default to case sensitive matching

> Good news: it almost compiles with CVS version of djasm. You only have
> to change two lines in lfn_file.inc, "shrdd" -> "dshr".

Cool. There were some issues over my choice of shrdd as the opcode. It was
chosen to be closer to intel asm while fitting into djasm's scheme, but it was

I'll have to update my local djasm (not that I've touched it recently: too
busy with quakeforge over the last couple of years) and my code that uses it.

Leave others their otherness. -- Aratak

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