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Subject: How do you pass double quotes to a program via gnu make?
Date: 30 Apr 2002 08:38:21 -0700
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I am setting up gnu make to publish some files on Windows NT.  One of
the commands that I run needs to be passed a parameter in the form:
  -printer="Acrobat Distiller"

This works fine with GNU Make version 3.76.1

However, with the more recent GNU Make version 3.79.1, the double
quotes are stripped off before they are passed to the executable.

I tried endless variations of single, double, and triple quotes, along
with backslash characters to escape the single quotes, but to no
avail.  Reading the HTML doc and scanning this group didn't help much
either - this is definitlely an issue that people are struggling with,
but I'm not seeing the work-around.

Since others will be running these make files, requiring a switch away
from CMD.EXE won't really work, so I'll need to cook up a fix within
the Makefile.

Rather than post the entire make file, here's a line from it, and what
it generates into in a typical run:

 printppt -PRINTER="Acrobat Distiller" -WHAT=NOTES -FILES=${<}

 printppt -PRINTER="Acrobat Distiller" -WHAT=NOTES -FILES=Java.ppt

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