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"salvador" <salvador AT inti DOT gov DOT ar> wrote in message
news:3CCEE8F7 DOT F5444FC6 AT inti DOT gov DOT ar...
> Hmmm ... maybe I'm perfect!

At last the search is over :-)

> > When I
> > click on the arrow at the end of the entry field, a list appears.
> You don't need to do it if you just need to change an entry. This arrow
shows a
> history of all values.

Oops. That's what I get for thinking I know what I am doing :-|
Now I understand. Thanks.

"Hans-Bernhard Broeker" <broeker AT physik DOT rwth-aachen DOT de> wrote in message

> You're mixing up things.

Your right. Sorry guys.

Again, thanks

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