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Mail Archives: djgpp/2002/08/02

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08:52:02 Re: Compiler change (Hans-Bernhard Broeker)
10:16:33 Having problems with DJGPP (woril turner)
11:24:12 Latest state of play with Windows XP (Tim Nicholson)
13:02:11 Re: Latest state of play with Windows XP (Andris Pavenis)
14:19:40 Re: Having problems with DJGPP (Martin Str|mberg)
14:43:42 Re: Allegro demo compilation (Martin Str|mberg)
14:52:54 Allegro demo compilation (Alex Vinokur)
19:15:57 Re: Prolog (Martin Str|mberg)
21:48:46 mode 13h problems (Interrupt86)
23:16:37 Re: mode 13h problems (DJ Delorie)

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