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From: "Lawrence Rust" <lvr AT nospam DOT softsystem DOT co DOT uk>
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"Martin Str|mberg" <ams AT speedy DOT ludd DOT luth DOT se> wrote...
> Lawrence Rust <lvr AT nospam DOT softsystem DOT co DOT uk> wrote:
> : Is it possible to suppress the prolog and epilog code emitted by gcc in
> : extern function just consisting of asm statements?  E.g in:
> : extern void foo( void)
> : {
> :   __asm__ __volatile ( "...");
> : }
> While I agree with Hans-Bernhard that you should put them into their
> own .s (or .S) file, one technique I've been using for quick hacks is
> just add the __asm__ () outside any function. Lo and behold, you just
> made an assembly function in a C file!
> Right,

Thanks, that's just what I was looking for.  I notice that it objects to
__volatile in this case - a compiler quirk?

I also agree with Hans-Bernhard, in the absence of any compiler directives
to control the prolog, the best method is a separate assembler file.

-- Lawrence Rust

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