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Mail Archives: djgpp/2002/08/03/10:22:15

Message-Id: <200208031402.g73E2br05840@delorie.com>
Date: Sat, 03 Aug 2002 10:01:00 -0400
From: AAganichev AT netscape DOT net (Alexander Aganichev)
To: djgpp-announce AT delorie DOT com
Subject: ANNOUNCE: liblocal 0.2: Locale Support for DJGPP
Reply-To: djgpp AT delorie DOT com

This is to announce that the liblocal version 0.2 package is
available from SimTel.NET mirrors worldwide:



The first one is binary package and the second one is source package.

This new version fixes problem with character 0xc1 in CP437.

>From Readme.1st:

This library fixes NLS problems in the DJGPP libc library and implements
almost complete ANSI C locale support using the data provided by
country.sys driver. The following features are provided:

1) setlocale(): The following categories are implementad: LC_COLLATE,
  supported. Due to limitations of country.sys driver only current user
  locale and "C" (aka "POSIX") locales supported.

  Call to setlocale modifies internal structures for ctype.h and
  localeconv() functions with appropriate values, thus providing
  complete locale support there.

2) strcoll(): modified to use data from setlocale().

3) strftime(): Fixed "x" and "X" to display date and time in NLS format.

4) regex library: Fixed char signedness problems, changed to use results
  returned by ctype.h functions in alnum, alpha, blank, cntrl, digit,
  graph, lower, print, punct, space, upper, xdigit classes, eliminated
  warnings, fixed few memory leaks.

5) strtod(), _strtold(), doscan(): added support for decimal point.

6) doprnt(): fixed support for decimal point.


This library not supports grouping in LC_NUMERIC and LC_MONETARY and not
changes negative and positive signs in LC_MONETARY. It is also known that
at least Russian locale improperly implemented in WindowsXP and decimal
point is not comma but a dot, though this is known to work properly in
PC DOS 2000 from IBM.

This library is also missed multibyte characters support.

If you have any comments, problems, etc., please contact me directly.

alexander aganichev
url: http://aaganichev.narod.ru
e-mail: asa AT users DOT sf DOT net, aaganichev AT netscape DOT net

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