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Subject: Re: linking LIB files with DJGPP programs
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Interrupt86 <interrupt86 AT hotmail DOT com> wrote:
: Is there any way to link a "name.lib" file to use with a djgpp program?

It's possible. But you need to find the fixup tools to do it as
Microsnoft have their own ideas about the COFF format. (They just have
to be incompatible every time they do something!) That link has been
posted here (perhaps months ago). IIRC it was a .co.uk URL. Perhaps
this one: <http://www.softsystem.co.uk/masm2djg.zip>.

: (e.g. would it be possible to use directX libraries with djgpp)

I don't think so. DirectX is WIN32 API. That's a completely different
API. And PE or something like that, not COFF.

Check out allegro. The later version do support DirectX using WIN32



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